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Dark or bright, shiny or weathered, many models exist around the world and it conveys a very strong virility, which also creates a most interesting effect with the women who wear it. At the right size, it allows you to marry your silhouette, to bring out the shoulders and put forward your bust, not to mention that it is a comfortable and warm room, convenient for mid-season.

However, we will reveal something to you: The brown leather bomber jacket is underestimated. We do not take its value seriously. It is a precious garment and one of the most luxurious elements to offer, by its manufacture and its material. He is often connoted bad boy and we all have in mind the image of a tempered man who wears his leather bomber jacket men with a decided air. But do you say it’s time to give leather back its nobility because designers make excellent pieces.

If you do not feel like this type of jacket is worth it, there may be two good reasons. The first is that this style just does not attract you. The second is that you have never really seen a jacket worthy of interest, and great are the chances that the second reason is the right one.

Jackets are expensive and accessible if you prepare your budget, which requires a little patience. But the majority of people will look in the ready-to-wear classic, which strives to miss the seasons after seasons. So the results are almost always disastrous, with faded colors, artificial folds, stripes, disproportionate silhouettes, it goes.

How to choose the leather jacket?

How to get a good bomber jacket leather that can be well matched in his outfits? It turns out to be a very versatile piece. It is short in size and will make men 1 meter 65 taller, and is a great alternative for those who do not want to take their coat off.

A well-worn jacket is a well-chosen jacket

You have noticed that we have just talked about “cuts”, that is to say the way the garment appropriates your build to put it forward. To be sure if your bomber jacket leather meets this criterion:

The second important point to check in the jacket cut before buying, and paradoxically a point on which lamentably wallowing brands of the type Celio, or Jules, is the fitting of the lower back, which is systematically stuffed excess material and creates bulges at the bottom. This is to be avoided at all costs!


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